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Garden Spot

For a truly unique dining experience, join fellow guests for a “convivial dinner” offered twice weekly in the organic garden.

The experience starts with cocktails offered upon arrival at the garden to sip and savor while touring with the head gardener to learn about the organic farming practices and to see all that uniquely grows here in our verdant environment. 

Then join other guests at a communal table located on the open-air porch of the thatched roof kitchen within the organic garden.  There you will dine on a three-course meal that is completely vegetarian featuring a soup course, salads and stir fry dishes. Even omnivores have expressed that they fell in love with the vibrant flavors found in the freshest of ingredients harvested minutes before serving.  The only decision to make is what wine to have pre-ordered to enhanced this delicious meal shared among new friends.  (The garden spot dining experience is also available as a private experience: please ask our concierge for more details while on-site).