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Tursi (Rabatana)

(Rabatana and Anglona Sanctuary)
(53.4 km – 47 minute drive) 

The Rabatana district of Tursi is the most characteristic part of the historic center. Its neighborhoods are called Rabatana, Rabatà Ravata, or Ribat, which in Arabic means place of rest or fortified place. The Rabatana of Tursi coincides with the highest part of the Middle Ages, in an excellent defensive position. The group of buildings that still characterize the district was dominated by the castle, with a few traces still remaining today. Rabatana is located in the heart of the Collegiate Church of St. Maria Maggiore. Inside there is a catacomb of gothic structures adorned with sacred writings as well as a stone crib from the 15th century. The frescoes, dating back to the 16th century, can be traced back to Simon Florence and students of the school of Giotto. 

Sanctuary of Anglona
Another important monument worth visiting in Tursi is the Sanctuary of Anglona, which has been a national monument since 1931. The present Cathedral of Anglona dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries and is constituted by a little church that serves as the oratory. The construction is made of tufa stone and travertine, and displays many important architectural elements. The recent restoration shows new frescos, some featuring representations of the New Testament.